FlashDom – Massive Domain Resolver

FlashDom Massive Domain Resolver was created using Go. I built this tool just to help myself when trying to resolve domains from a file. File Download: Download while giving donation Virus Scan : VirusTotal Sha256Sum : 5855f2ce2450795128c969b53766c7282046241e7219561dc04da02e70f22dbe If you have any idea about this tool, you can leave a comment here on my blog. 🙂


XSS Cryptocurrency Miner

Yes, I am talking about CoinHive that could turn XSS to XSS CryptoCurrency Miner to add the value when reporting XSS for bounty hunter. So, It is not just a pop-up or stealing cookies. This will give higher risk for XSS itself because CoinHive already detected by some antivirus and AntiVirus will block the website


Exploit XXE Vulnerability Using Excel File

From my last article, we can exploit XXE using Docx file. Now lets build exploit XXE vulnerability using Excel file. Exploit XXE Vulnerability Using Excel File? Microsoft released OOXML Document, OOXML Presentation and OOXML Workbook in 7 December 2006. Source: Wikipedia. So, what is Office Open XML? Office Open XML, also known as OpenXML or


Exploit XXE Vulnerability Using Docx File

Today, I found a vulnerability on a server which is has feature upload for docx file. I will try to explain how to exploit XXE vulnerability using docx file and how to find this vulnerability. So.. What is XXE Vulnerability? An XML External Entity attack is a type of attack against an application that parses


VulnHub - Bulldog 1 Walkthrough

In this weekend, I will try to write a walkthrough to the VulnHub Bulldog 1. You can download this CTF VM on VulnHub’s website. First, I need to find some open port on the target machine.

I got 3 open ports on the target machine. Now let’s find out what services are running on